HAPPY HOLIDAYS news update 1/01/2012 Thanks to all of our devoted fans for continuing to support the band site de rencontre o v s. news update 19/04/2010 22:01:32 The latest Moments in Budapest DVD is in stock. We hope you get a kick out of this. To Richard New Wave is more than just « A Forest », « Love Like Blood » or « Don’t you Forget About Me ». ” Moments. Songs like the new hits ”No Shuffle”, “Commando Mix” or ”Funkhadafi definitely created their reputation as the leaders of cutting edge of the experimental industrial dance scene, combining political sound samples, heavy sequencing and aggressive electro beats. Music collectors will also notice that Wool-E is also issuing simultaneously a tape MfMTV3 2006-2010 limited to only 111 copies site de rencontre o v s. Ticket reservation and festival line-up via the Website Still not convinced? Watch this: > REWIND-easter-FEST Join TRANSMISSION 242 at the Vooruit in Gent on April 12. The organisers of the 2010 Rock Heure Festival in Silenrieux (Belgium) launch the first edition of Walpop. Date: July 7. The shop will be opened on Saturday only from 10 AM to 6. The COCKS are Richard 23, Luc Van Acker, Chris Connelly and Paul Barker. Lieu: B. 2012 until further notice.. The first to be issued is the band s last studio album PULSE which was originally released in 2003 and now comes as a double-CD with the mini-album “STILL & RAW” as second disc. Working from the strength of their individual discipline and knowledge base to construct,deconstruct and reconstruct images and sounds. Some of the tracks were meticulously recreated reusing the same vintage machines. Langue-fr. Date: 21 mars 2014 - 18h30 Lieu: PointCulture_Rue Royale 145_Bruxelles_Belgique In the mood for 242? Make sure not to miss the Walpop festival in Laneffe then on October 12th. With each release, the band developed a more physical sound and gained more high-profile admirers.   The deluxe box set comes as either a 4 x 180 GSM heavyweight pink or black vinyl version and includes an exclusive 24 page booklet of never-before-seen images curated by Brian Molko & Stefan Olsdal from their private collections. Don t miss out! RENCONTRE AVEC JEAN-LUC DE MEYER news update 10/03/2014 18:20:05 Rencontre avec Jean-Luc De Meyer: musique électronique, poésie, science-fiction et contraintes formelles.

“Playing live has put us back on track,” says keyboard player Patrick Codenys, “it has a therapeutic element which allows us to rediscover ourselves. No nostalgia fest though, the album also explores the possibilities afforded by today’s new breed of analogue synthesizers. Besides solid remakes by other pure EBM bands like ARMAGEDDON DILDOS, PLASTIC NOISE EXPERIENCE, ELM, KANT KINO or yet AD:KEY, the double CD also features the harsher dark elektro bands such as ALIEN VAMPIRES, CIRCUITO CERRADO vs. This is a rare and limited experience so don t miss out! DATES September 17 Houston @ Numbers Have you checked out our limited rebooted vintage T-shirt Other new arrivals to be announced soon. Created in Daniel B’s studio the album features an array of rare and vintage analogue synthesizers such as the Moog Voyager, Prophet8, Juno 106 and Arp Odyssey. Don t miss out on NBN! LIVE BREAK news update 23/01/2012 23:32:46 Front 242 have decided not to perform in Europe after May 1. The book, Synthiepop – die gefühlvolle Kälte – Geschichten des Synthiepop , tells the exciting history of Synthpop, written by protagonists like Human League, Kraftwerk, New Order or Depeche Mode. We act as a reflection of what s happening and what s interesting in the world. but we have no power to guarantee this. The Hungarian crowd was great, the sound was perfect, the band had a blast. ’s personal collection: formant modular, system 101-102, system 100M, roland se 505, boss rvb 100, moog voyager anniversary #614, electro harmonix sequencer drum, yamaha 40m #Z699, mfb synth II, Sherman filter model 1 # 909, arp odyssey… “ÜBERLASTUNG” is released as a deluxe box-set titled “AIIHB0A0” and is strictly limited to 300 copies worldwide. « New Wave started in 78, right after the Punk rage, and back then the genre would cover and include a lot of different sounds and directions. C-LEKKTOR, VENAL FLESH, ACYLUM, AVARICE IN AUDIO and TOTEM OBSCURA revisiting FRONT 242 tracks. … FRONT 242’s music was never created as a way to convey a message, but rather serve as an artistic observation of things around all of us! Since day one, FRONT 242 have always been employing the use of the most current technology available to keep the music fresh, groundbreaking and up to date, non-stop pushing their sound to its logical extreme. With a ferocious energy the band is known for, they bring you a brilliant set of their re-designed sounds. La présentation de Charleroi sera rehaussée d’une création sonore spécifique de Patrick Codenys, qui proposera une installation inspirée de ses propres souvenirs du punk. He contributed some tracks for Depeche Mode tribute samplers, produces remixes for other bands and has been closely involved with the Synthpop scene in Germany over the last two decades. 2 août Punchline est , depuis quelque temps, utilisé systématiquement dans les réseaux sociaux et les médias. 00 à 18. Barker played bass, keyboards and did programming for Revolting Cocks between 1987 and 1993. The visual and the sonic compete for the viewers attention in a battle of the media. Other female fronted acts like HELALYN FLOWERS and SIN. Check out the sections LOUDER! BACKSTAGE WITH.

The project started as noise for personal pleasure”, Daniel B. It’s lineage might be clear but this is an album that looks forward, respectful of the past but not in its thrall. NOTHING BUT NOISE news update 12/10/2011 22:56:19 For the upcoming live concerts Nothing But Noise (Daniel B. From destructured experimental tracks to more melodic and structured songs, UNDERVIEWER focused their creative approach on minimalistic arrangements. 22 - Boulevard Solvay 22- 6000 Charleroi - Belgium Exposition: du 22 octobre 2011 au 22 janvier 2012 - Du mercredi au dimanche, de 12. Bossuet L’usage, je le confesse, est appelé avec raison le père des langues ; le droit de les établir, aussi bien que de les régler, n’a jamais été disputé à la multitude ; mais si cette liberté ne veut pas être contrainte, elle souffre quelquefois d’être dirigée » ( Discours de réception à l’Académie française). The first 450 of the deluxe box pink vinyl edition and the first 500 of the standard black vinyl edition are signed by Brian Molko & Stefan Olsdal. net 2 août Punchline est , depuis quelque temps, utilisé systématiquement dans les réseaux sociaux et les médias. We just take samples from the world around us, the news, television, movies, the street. Back in 2003, this album took fans by surprise, breaking 10 long years of studio silence (besides some side-projects and other live recordings), revealing something new, different and once again absolutely ear-challenging, offering an inspiring look to the future of electronic music. PROTHESE stands for minimal noise and randomly or lfo s generated rhythmic electronic sound manipulations. The album will be released digitally, on double vinyl and in a 2CD edition. We are bringing you the Filtered Pulse Deluxe Anniversary Limited Box. RELEASE NEWS UNDERVIEWER news update 22/11/2016 12:19:07 In the late 1979s, before joining FRONT 242 in 1981, Patrick Codenys and Jean-Luc De Meyer worked together as a collaborative duo called UNDERVIEWER, using a bass, synthesizers, rhythm boxes and a tape recorder. 2013 at the upcoming Rewind Easter Festival featuring Underviewer, VNV Nation, The Neon Judgement, The Klinik, Red Zebra, Vomito Negro and many others. Dirk Horst composes and writes for his musical project Theriak and in parallel he writes poems and stories. The music on the CD’s and the vinyls are very complementary and quite different, aptly chosen to best match with the specific playback conditions offered by each medium. PROTHESE that he actually started before being known with FRONT 242. 07. 2016 and on vinyl as from January 27. From U-Men to Moldavia, from Welcome To Paradise to Im Rhythmus Bleiben, this collection demonstrates not only the sheer brilliance of what is arguably Belgium’s most influential band ever, but also their ability to adapt to different audiences, from Belgian festivals to sold-out Spanish clubs. Bands such as Ministry and Nine Inch Nails as well as techno pioneer Frankie Knuckles were committed fans, as was photographer Anton Corbijn, who directed videos for the band’s two most successful singles, 1988’s Headhunter and 1990’s Tragedy For You. PROTHESE will be approached in a totally different way, so to expect the unexpected without any particular focus on one specific sound style in the future.


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