She rapidly returned to street singing, until the summer of 1933, when she opened at Juan-les-Pins, Rue Pigalle. ISBN978-0-14-003669-5. The love of Piaf s life, the married boxerMarcel Cerdan, died in a plane crash in October 1949, while flying from Paris to New York City to meet her. When her father enlisted with the French Army in 1916 to fight in World War I, he took her to his mother, who ran a brothel in Bernay, Normandy. He was the son of Victor Alphonse Gassion (1850–1928) and Léontine Louise Descamps (1860–1937), known as Maman Tine, a madam who ran a brothel in Bernay in Normandy. Piaf, by Margaret Crosland je cherche un gars. Piaf claimed this was the result of a miraculous healing. Following an intense quarrel over her behavior, Piaf left Louis Dupont (Marcelle s father) taking Mômone and Marcelle with her. The couple sang together in some of her last engagements. She continued to live there alone from 1956 to 1959 je cherche un gars. In 1932, she met and fell in love with Louis Dupont. [3] She was born Édith Giovanna Gassion [4] in Belleville, Paris. [31] Piaf was quickly back in the singing business and then, in December 1944, she went on stage for the Allied forces together with Montand in Marseille. Death and legacy[edit] Years of alcohol abuse alongside copious amounts of medications, initially for arthritic pain and later insomnia, took their toll on Piaf s health. Her name is engraved on the side as Madame Lamboukas dite Édith Piaf. I thought that when a boy called a girl, the girl would never refuse she would say later. The name inscribed at the foot of the tombstone is Famille Gassion-Piaf. Dietrich dedicates a whole chapter to her friendship with Piaf. Oh! Père Lachaise, by Jim Yates, Édition d Amèlie 2007, ISBN978-0-9555836-0-5. Piaf was deemed to have been a traitor and collaboratrice. [1] Two more near-fatal car crashes exacerbated the situation. A series of car accidents only exacerbated her addictions and she eventually underwent a series of surgeries for a stomach ulcer in 1959.

[2] However, her secretary Andrée Bigard, a member of the Résistance, spoke in her favour after the liberation. She was, for example, invited to take part in a concert tour to Berlin, sponsored by the German officials, together with artists such as Loulou Gasté, Raymond Souplex, Viviane Romance and Albert Préjean. Piaf with her second husband Théo Sarapo in 1962 At age 17 Piaf had a daughter, Marcelle, who died aged two. the song Elle fréquentait la rue Pigalle ). [1] Buried in the same grave are her father, Louis-Alphonse Gassion, and Théo (Lamboukas) Sarapo. From the age of three to seven, Piaf was allegedly blind as a result of keratitis. Piaf and Oscar Wilde meet in a pink-tinted Parisian Purgatory. [25] She is buried in Père Lachaise Cemetery in Paris next to her daughter Marcelle, where her grave is among the most visited. [32] Piaf and Cerdan s affair made international headlines, [5] as Cerdan was the former middleweight world champion and a legend in France in his own right. , translated into English The Piaf Legend, by David Bret, Robson Books, 1988. [28] Friends joined her, just for the reason that she had access to heating materials. Like her mother, Piaf found it difficult to care for a child while living a life on the streets, as she had little maternal instinct, parenting knowledge, or domestic skills. 23–43), by Gene Lees, Oxford University Press, 1987, insightful critique of Piaf s biography and music. With the additional money Piaf earned as part of an acrobatic trio, she and Mômone were able to rent their own place. New York: G. Peter Owen Publishers; ISBN0-7206-1228-4 (originally published 1958 as Au bal de la chance) Édith Piaf, by Édith Piaf and Simone Berteaut(fr), published January 1982; ISBN2-904106-01-4 Further reading[edit] Berteaut, Simone (1965) [1958]. According to one of her biographers, she recovered her sight after her grandmother s prostitutes pooled money to accompany her on a pilgrimage honouring Saint Thérèse of Lisieux. P. Édith Piaf, secrète et publique, [by] Denise Gassion (sister of É. Piaf neither wanted nor had other children. [1] The bordello had two floors and seven rooms, and the prostitutes were not very numerous, about ten poor girls as she later described, in fact five or six were permanent and a dozen for market and any busy days. Louis was never happy with the idea of Piaf s roaming the streets, and continually persuaded her to take jobs he found for her.

Legend has it that she was born on the pavement of Rue de Belleville(fr) 72, but her birth certificate cites that she was born on 19 December 1915 at the Hôpital Tenon(fr), a hospital located at the 20th arrondissement. The three stayed at the Hôtel Au Clair de Lune, Rue André-Antoine. Robert Laffont, ed. Within a very short time, he moved into their small room, where the three lived despite Louis and Mômone s dislike for each other. Translated by G. From 1934 to 1941, she lived at 45 rue de Chézy in Neuilly-sur-Seine; she lived alone from 1941 to 1952 and with Jacques Pills from 1952 to 1956. In February 1933, the 17-year-old Piaf gave birth to her daughter, Marcelle (nicknamed Cécelle) at the Hôpital Tenon. Piaf lived in Belleville, Paris, with her parents from 1915 to 1934. Her mother, Annetta Giovanna Maillard (1895–1945) was of French descent on her father s side and of Italian and Moroccan ShilhaBerber origin on her mother s, and she was a native of Livorno, Italy. [30] According to Bigard, photos made during Piaf s repeated concerts in POW camps allowed falsifying documents to be used to assist French soldiers in their escape attempts. Like her own mother, Piaf decided not to come home, though she did pay for childcare. Although she was denied a funeral Mass by Cardinal Maurice Feltin because of her lifestyle, [25] her funeral procession drew tens of thousands [1] of mourners onto the streets of Paris and the ceremony at the cemetery was attended by more than 100,000 fans. Édith Piaf   (Redirected from Edith Piaf) For other uses, see Piaf. [7]Jacques Pills, a singer, took her into rehabilitation on three different occasions to no avail. Cerdan s Air France flight, on a Lockheed Constellation, crashed in the Azores, killing everyone on board, including noted violinist Ginette Neveu. A biography. She worked as a café singer under the name Line Marsa. She had to testify before a purge panel, as there were plans to ban her from appearing on radio transmissions. Piaf) & Robert Morcet, Ergo Press, 1988; ISBN2-86957-001-5 External links[edit]. Putnam s Sons, 1985, ISBN0-399-13088-8. [15] At the age of 15, Piaf met Simone Mômone Berteaut(fr), who may have been her half-sister, and who became a companion for most of her life. .

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