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About us

addshop.info is our company's website. and we always pay more attention to our service and the quality of our products.

Our Business:

We provide customers worldwide with high quality products at low price. Whether you are a wholesaler looking to cut costs, a retailer who refuses to pay the high prices in your country, or just a shopper who's looking to get your hands on the latest product, addshop.info is bound to satisfy your needs. At the same time, we are willing to drop shipping fee. As of right now, we currently serve customers from over 50 countries, and it is still growing. We really hope to expand our business through cooperation with individuals and companies from around the world.

Our Top Priorities:

* To send your order the same day you place it.

* To ensure the excellent quality of our products.

* To offer our wholesale customers lower wholesale prices.

* To put our Customers foremost and service first.

* To Provide 24 hours of customer support in every day.

* To help you find products from manufacturers in China.